RTR Financial Services, Inc. (RTR) is the leading authority in accounts receivable management services for healthcare providers across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut and is now expanding nationally to meet the growing need. The specialized experience and expertise of our staff forms a highly effective team. Drawing strength from a diverse spread of professional knowledge and resources, and combining them under a single banner, allows RTR to achieve service flexibility on an unprecedented scale.

RTR has always been guided by an unwavering devotion to client needs. Over our more than four decades of serving clients, we have assembled an expert team of claims specialists, physicians, and attorneys. The combined talents of our staff enable the comprehensive services and programs which are unavailable anywhere else.

Managing accounts receivable is a complex process under ideal circumstances. Characterized by unmatched efficiency in the industry, RTR's services support healthcare organizations in need of the renewed productivity and leverage provided by our all-encompassing accounts receivable management platform.

By designing a customized management program for each one of our clients, RTR is able to allocate resources on an as-needed basis. The flexibility of service we provide is built into the very way we save money for healthcare providers, their patients, and their communities. Optimizing nancial management solutions for medical institutions naturally frees up funds which can be invested back into those same institutions.

The structure of RTR is beneficial to the company itself, as well as to our clients and our clients’ communities. Because our clients deal with a single representative who handles a variety of services, their valuable resources are conserved. As a result, the health and prosperity of the communities in which those hospitals are located is improved.

Beyond the in-house talent, RTR is supported by an exterior network which includes some of the foremost authorities in the healthcare financial management industry. Affiliates include the Healthcare Financial Management Association, the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management, and the American Collectors Association. As a result, RTR Financial is strong inside and out, as are the communities we represent.

Our Standard is Service, Experience, and Performance

Service provided by RTR is so effective because it’s as flexible as it is efficient. Our model supports the betterment of all.
Experience is what the RTR staff are made from. Such choice expertise across a unified platform does not exist elsewhere in the industry.
Performance is ultimately what matters. RTR will always be a results- oriented business, striving for perfection.