Our Core Programs

RTR designs fully customized first party and third party collection programs that are both flexible and effective. Specific programs include:

  • Third Party Appeals of Utilization (prepared by Physicians) and Administrative Denial Programs
  • Medicare and Medicaid RAC appeals programs
  • Third Party Payor and Managed Care follow up of inpatient and outpatient claims, denial management/denial reversal specialists
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Contractual Under Payment Programs, including litigation against Third Party Payors
  • No Fault and Workers Compensation Programs
  • Self-Pay Collections - customized for your receivable needs Business Office Customized Solutions


The HCRA Surcharges Recovery Program of RTR Financial Services, Inc. (“RTR”), one of the diverse services we provide to help our clients maximize recovery on their accounts. The New York State Department of Health has taken the following positions:

  • That hospitals are required to collect the HCRA Surcharges from payers not on the Department’s Elector List and if the hospital does not do so, then it is liable to pay the surcharge on the amount it received; and
  • Those hospitals are required to collect the HCRA Surcharges from patients for deductibles and co-pays, if the Elector payer is not paying the surcharges on those amounts.

While we disagree with these positions, it is imperative that hospitals take steps to recover the surcharges. Under our HCRA Surcharges Program we will seek to recover the surcharge from the payer. Upon referral the account will be forwarded to the law firm of William A. Hecht, P.C. for handling by an attorney. The law firm will first contact the payer to seek voluntarily payment of the surcharge. If the payer refuses to make payment, the law firm, with the hospital’s written authorization, will commence an action to recover the surcharge.