About RTR

Founded on a commitment to excellence, the staff at RTR is guided by an unwavering devotion to client needs. An evolution of over thirty years of experience–our staff of claims specialists, physicians, and attorneys combine their expertise with proprietary health care receivable computer technology to form the comprehensive services and programs offered by RTR.

Managing accounts receivable is a complex process under ideal circumstances. Known for industry-leading proficiency, the services of RTR are ideal for an organization that finds itself in need of the renewed productivity and leverage that an encompassing and trusted account receivable management program can provide.

As workforces are consolidated, admissions from patients with private or group insurance decreases, the number of uninsured increases, and surgical loads weaken; hospital administrators have a fiduciary responsibility to protect the fiscal health of their organization. Improving the recovery of reimbursements is a necessary step to remain competitive and up-to-date in a time when endowments may suffer from flat investments and securing the financing and bonds for necessary upgrades to technology, infrastructure, and clinical equipment is more challenging than ever.

While seeking to bolster our founded reputation in maximizing recoveries, our staff is always aware of the need for professionalism and client respect. While we provide collection services for a diverse range of hospital clients, a singular focus on quality informs our relationships with patients, insurance carriers, and your staff.

Our Promise

That exceed expectations
That can't be matched
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